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The MadeToFit logo

MadeToFit identity

Igloo were tasked with creating and implementing a full indentity for MadeToFit. We advised on naming and brand positioning, and created the logo, stationery, packaging, and a multi-faceted website.

The identity is contemporary, neutral and simple, employing precise typography in stark black and white and a pithy approach to language.

The logo suggests pieces fitting neatly into place, with the name seemingly about to slot in between the horizontal bars. The lettering, which was composed on a strict geometric grid and is purely bespoke, is deliberately light to offset the weight of the horizontals.

We also created a secondary mark using the initial M. This appears throughout the identity, from product and sample labels to packaging and compliment slips.

Secondary mark

The MadeToFit identity set, including letterheads, compliment slips, business cards, sample labels, packaging and envelopes.

Identity set

The 2:1 grid that determined the logo's final form.

Logo grid

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