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The Upfront logo
Reapeating pattern

Upfront identity

We were commissioned by Upfront, one of the largest music marketing and distribution companies in the UK, to consolidate their ethos and recognition within the industry into a consistent set of visuals that would allow them to reach a broader market and expand into other fields.

Our solution is a bespoke, unabashed wordmark and a hot pink and dark grey colour palette.

Business card - back

Across the identity the wordmark is supported by a repeating pattern of key signifiers. As well as answering an important aspect of the brief - the inclusion of imagery - this serves as an instant grounding device for new customers.

The wordmark, which is a customised version of the Bureau Grotesk typeface, was composed to fit a 4x1 grid, meaning that its overall shape is helpful when designing branded materials, i.e. it is not too long and not too tall, and divisible by various integers.

Wordmark on its 4 x 1 grid

William Cotterill identity

Anyone for juxtaposition?


The Boathouse identity

Logo. Requires two screws (included).


Julie Harking Casting identity

Playing the lead.



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